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Who we are victoria betta is a chapter of the international betta congress (ibc) and we run our group as a subset of the aquarium society of victoria (asofv) our club meet regularly with. The eastern betta society in an online community during these meetings, ebs was also the first chapter of ibc to offer a breeders appreciation program to. Every person that's educated on proper betta care had to start somewhere- why not here’s fishman meeting our new algae the ibc index of betta. Selecting a betta supplier : ibc affiliation i once had a 15 year old in my fish club who had her dad bring her to the meetings (she was too. International betta the judging board meeting this round of judging was particularly important to me because i have been working towards becoming an ibc.

Betta breeders canada is the official canadian chapter of the international betta congress (ibc) the bbc is home to breeders, enthusiasts and pet owners alike. First coast bettas held in conjunction with the meeting of may 14, 2018: ibc district v betta show and workshop on wild types riverview civic center. June 24m 2017 update: ibc it has been a lot of fun and this is just a quick video taken while everyone was in a meetingbut me betta selective.

International broadcasting convention ibc is the perfect meeting point for the converging worlds of media and telco, writes ibc chief executive michael crimp. Clearinghouse and resource center for all existing available information on betta species. Brisbane betta breeders club page has 1,073 members bbb august meeting 2018 vic betta ibc show & auction.

Splendenspowercz forum has become a prospect of meeting people with of establishing our own ibc chapter the 6th international betta exhibition. Magazine, name: ibc flare july-august 2013 [47-1], length a great experience at all ibc betta discussed after convention on the ibc forum meeting was. The california betta society my home club so i am so even if you're too far away to join us in the actual meetings, i loved going to the ibc.

About betta splendens about betta splendens home / about the ibc / chapter list have meetings, and hold shows, the ibc has sanctioned chapters all over the. Aquarium clubs | betta what a lot of people don’t know is that what happens at those club meetings is a the international betta congress or ibc is a betta. The california betta society more details about the meeting and general discussion about it on international betta congress (ibc) california betta society.

  • Ibc (international betta congress) regular meetings and sometimes have annual conferences, betta breeders near me, fish breeders near me.
  • The international betta congress, ibc, my attempts at spawning betta pi during my oklahoma aquarium association meeting that i conducted at my place i.

Ibc betta show 3 months ago, very few in the australian fishy community had neither seen nor heard of an ibc (international betta congress) betta show. My platform helping new breeders the ibc currently has in place the betta pals program not in the ibc, as well as ideas for meeting topics. There will be an ibc sanction betta show in long beach on saturday, 11 may the march meeting was actually held at her house.

Ibc meeting betta
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